Little Angels Program  

We repair, recycle, and distribute bicycles.

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The pictures show Little Angels Directors

Brad Kelly

Johnny Soto

along with

Ed Rivera, CEO


Nancy Rivera, Board Director

2007 Middle School Event

David Walencewicz of P & J Sprinkler Systems of WIllimantic

Cathy Dubay of I.M.A. Realty of Willimantic


New Look Barber Shop of Willimantic

Sponsored this event with bicycls donated by the Little Angels Program

2007 Windham Center School Event

Little Angels Program donated 20 brand new bicycles along with director Shane Long who brought song, dance and story telling.

In the pictures are:

Nancy Rivera, Board Director

Brad Kelly, Event Coordinator

Shane Long, Teacher, Bicycle Mechanic

2007 Natchaug School Event

Little Angels Program donated 20 brand new bicycles.

Willimantic Police attended to teach bicycle safety procedures.

2007 Windham Heights Event

At this event Little Angels Program donated 30 brand new bicycles funded by:

Bank of America



2007 Sagrado Corazon Event


Little Angels Program

donated 15 new bicycles at this event.

 Funded by:

 C L & P


Bank Of America.